Divya Drishti latest spoiler: Star Stone to become ineffective

Divya Drishti latest spoiler: Star Stone to become ineffective

DivyaDrishti serial gossips:

In the forthcoming episodes of Divya Drishti, Drishti and Divya will get hell shocked when the starstone will lose its powers suddenly.

So far in Divya Dhristi serial, Drishti and Divya used their combined powers to attack Pishachini. The twin sisters managed to defeat Pishachini.

Unfortunately, Pishachini managed to return by entering Divya’s body. She captivated Divya’s body and is now its master.

Later in Divya Dhrishti upcoming twists, Divya and Drishti will try to look into the past through the starstone earlier.

They will touch it together to bring alive their powers.

To their surprise, the starstone will not emit any light and will also not bless Divya and Drishty with its powers.

Drishti will fail to understand anything while Divya, who is now possessed by Pishachini, will be super happy.

Well, let’s see in the future story of Divya Dristi serial if Drishti will learn about Divya aka Pishachini or not.

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