Divya Drishti spoiler: Pishachini to trick Divya

Divya Drishti spoiler: Pishachini to trick Divya

DivyaDrishti upcoming twists:

In the future episodes of Divya Drishti story, Pishachini will turn Divya’s friend in disguise to learn about her sister.

So far in Divya Dhristi serial, Divya dropped the special star stone mistakenly.

The stone ultimately got stuck in Pishachini’s dress.

Later on Divya Dhrishti serial, Pishachini will catch hold of the starstone and will decide to use it as a weapon against Divya.

Pishachini aka Preeto will return the starstone to Divya in an attempt to win her trust. She will enact to help Divya in finding the murderers of her parents.

Divy will reveal about her twin sister Drishty while talking to Preeto. Preeto will then ask Divya about the name of her sister.

Will Divya reveal Dristi’s name in the upcoming track?

What will happen next in Divya Drishti?

We will have to watch the next upcoming episode of DivyaDrishti serial to find out the twist & turns.



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