Divya Drishti spoilers: Anjaan to save Drishti & Divya

Divya Drishti spoilers: Anjaan to save Drishti & Divya

Divya-Drishti serial gossip update:

In the forthcoming episodes of Divya Dhrishti serial, Anjaan will come to protect Drishti and Divya from Pishachini.

The latest episode of Divya Dhrashti serial showed us that the twin sisters reached out to the secret abode of Pishachini with Simran’s help.

They found the jar containing human ash of Pishachini but failed to destroy it. Pishachini intervened and attacked Drishti and Divya.

According to the latest spoiler updates of DivyaDrishti serial, Pishachini will push Divya down the bridge to blackmail Drishti for the Kaal Vijay gem.

Drishti will come in the nick of the time and will save Divya from falling down. Pishachini will then push Drishti also down from the bridge. The sisters will hang from the bridge.

The main twist of Divya Drishty serial reveals that Anjaan will learn about Drishti and Divya being in trouble and will rush to save them.

He will secretly save Drishti and Divya from falling down from the bridge using his powers leaving Pishachini hell shocked.

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