Faltu: Serial Gossips! Charan Asks Ayaan To Leave Faltu Alone!

Faltu: Serial Gossips! Charan Asks Ayaan To Leave Faltu Alone!

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In the upcoming story of the Faltu serial, Charan will yell at Ayaan to let Faltu live her life and not keep showing up again and again.

So far in the story of Faltu, Faltu has gone to the operation theater while Charan and Pratap are outside praying for her successful surgery.

Meanwhile, Ayaan also leaves for the hospital for Faltu's surgery and lies to Tanisha that he is going to the office.

However, Tanisha knows that Ayaan is lying to her and asks Sid to keep an eye on Ayaan while he is at the hospital.

As per the latest spoilers of the Faltu serial, Charan will insult Ayaan and blame him for whatever has happened to Faltu.

Charan will then ask Ayaan to leave as he does not want Faltu to see his face once she wakes up.

Ayaan will leave the hospital angrily as he feels that Charan neglected all the efforts he made for Faltu.

Unfortunately, Ayaan will get hit by a tree which will make him unconscious and badly injured.

Who will come to Ayaan's rescue from the Mittal family?

Let us see if Charan feels guilty about his conversation with Ayaan in the future episodes of the Faltu serial.

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