Faltu Serial: Upcoming Promo! Faltu is Pregnant!

Faltu Serial: Upcoming Promo! Faltu is Pregnant!

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In the upcoming story of Faltu, Faltu will discover that she is pregnant.

The current track of Faltu revolves around Ayaan accusing Faltu of having an affair with Ruhaan behind his back and breaking all ties with her. 

At the same time, Faltu is equally offended by Ayaan's lack of faith in her and leaves him behind.

Faltu aims to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous cricketer and become strong without Ayaan's help. 

According to the latest twists of Faltu, Faltu will find out that she is pregnant very soon in the upcoming track of the show.

What will happen now? Will Faltu tell Ayaan about her pregnancy?

Let us see in the future story episodes of Faltu to find out how Ayaan and Faltu are brought together by their unborn child despite Tanisha's attempt to keep them apart. 

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