Faltu Serial: Upcoming Twist! Faltu Hits Pappi!

Faltu Serial: Upcoming Twist! Faltu Hits Pappi!

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In the upcoming story of Faltu, Faltu hits Pappi to hide her identity.

So far in the serial Faltu, while practicing Faltu gets hit but doesn't show, however, Ayaan tells her to pretend as if she was a boy who has gotten hurt.

Ayaan then excuses Faltu and takes her to the washroom which is a men's washroom and asks Faltu to fix her hair.

Pappi see Faltu/Anmol go inside and follows her in to ask how did Faltu vanish and Anmol suddenly appear in the mart the other day.

As per the spoilers of the serial, Faltu panics hears footsteps, and gets an idea to hide her identity while remaining in plain sight.

Pappi come inside and Faltu puts her hair in front of her and throws things at Pappi and accuses him of teasing a woman in a girl's washroom.

Pappi gets hurt by the various things Faltu threw at him and hurriedly gets out only to realize that this girl in the boy's washroom is Faltu and goes back inside.

However, Ayaan comes in time to save Faltu from Pappi.

Let us see how long Faltu is able to hide her alter person from Pappi and the Singh's in the future episode of the Faltu serial.


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