Faltu: Upcoming Twist! Janardhan gets a Change of Heart for Faltu!

Faltu: Upcoming Twist! Janardhan gets a Change of Heart for Faltu!

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In the upcoming story of the Faltu serial, Janardhan will get a change of heart for Faltu!

So far in the episodes of the Faltu serial, Tanisha, Sidharth, and Kanika force Janardan to sell his remaining ten percent (10%) shares to them and resign from the board of members completely.

Meanwhile, Ayaan has decided to support his father and stand by his side, and not bow down to Kanika's pressure.

Now as per the latest spoilers of Faltu, Ayaan disguises himself as Joginder, a laptop-repairing mechanic, and barges into the document's room to collect the documents and ruin Tanisha and Sidharth's plan.

In the upcoming promo of Faltu, Tanisha will get Ayaan arrested on false charges while Faltu will put all her efforts to get Ayaan released.

Janardan is also expected to join hands with Faltu, seeing her efforts for Ayaan and helping her free Ayaan from Tanisha's trap.

Let's see what course of action Janardan and Faltu's relationship will take amid their efforts for Ayaan in the future episodes of Faltu.


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