Faltu: Upcoming Twist! Siddharth Profits From Ayaan’s Absense!

Faltu: Upcoming Twist! Siddharth Profits From Ayaan’s Absense!

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In the upcoming story of Faltu, Siddharth will get a chance to become the sole heir of the family property if Ayaan fails to show up at the engagement.

So far in the serial Faltu, Ayaan and Faltu have managed to escape Pappi and have reached Mumbai while the Mittal family is waiting for Ayaan to arrive so that the engagement can be done.

Now as per the spoilers of the serial, some men will try to take advantage of Faltu and she will run away from there while Ayaan will go in search of her.

Meanwhile, Siddharth takes advantage of the situation and gets closer to Tanisha while Janardan announces that he will make Siddharth the heir of the business if Ayaan does not arrive for the engagement on time.

In the future episodes, we will see Ayaan taking Faltu to his aunt’s house and convincing them to keep her with them until he gets her admitted into a sports academy.

Let us see if Ayaan reaches the engagement on time in the future episode of the Faltu serial.

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