Faltu: Upcoming twist! Siddharth Snitches About Aayan!

Faltu: Upcoming twist! Siddharth Snitches About Aayan!

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In the upcoming story of Faltu, Siddharth fuels the flame of disappointment by telling all the family members that Aayan left his ring ceremony to look for a girl no one knows about.

So far in the episodes of the serial, Aayan tries to find Faltu who is being chased by goons.

On the other hand, Kanika is highly insulted and grabs Tanisha’s arm and decides to leave the Mittal house.

As per the latest spoiler of Faltu, Siddharth tells everyone that Aayan will return only when he finds that unknown girl.

Siddharth is trying to sabotage the relationship between Aayan and Janardhan so that he can acquire the Mittal Empire.

Meanwhile, Kanika asks Janardhan if the unknown girl is more important than Tanisha to Aayan.

Now let’s watch the future episode of Faltu to see how Aayan explains the situation to his family.

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