Gathbandhan gossips: Maya to compete with Dhanak

Gathbandhan gossips: Maya to compete with Dhanak

Gathbandhan serial latest spoiler:

In the upcoming episodes of Gatbandhan serial, Maya and Dhanak will indulge in a cooking competition to impress Raghu.

Currently, in Ghathbandhan serial, Raghu is upset with Dhanak as he feels that she deliberately got his mother arrested for a false crime.

Savitri is also trying hard to create differences between Dhanak and Raghu and so has brought Maya back in Raghu’s live.

The future gossip updates of Gathbandhan serial reveal that Raghu will plan to feed poor children as part of a ritual practiced by Dhanak.

Dhanak will prepare the food for the kids but Raghu will decide to have his own food prepared. Maya will reach out to Raghu and will offer help to him.

Based on the spoiler news of Gatbandhan serial, Maya will throw chilly powder in Dhanak’s eyes to stop her from making food.

Maya will then order food from the hotel and will present it to Raghu with intent to impress him.

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