Gathbandhan Latest Spoiler: Dhanak to kidnap Raghu

Gathbandhan Latest Spoiler: Dhanak to kidnap Raghu

Gathbandhan future twist:

The upcoming episodes of Gatbandhan will be high on drama with Dhanak sitting in mandap in place of Maaya and later running away with Raghu.

So far in Ghatbandhan serial, Savitri and Maaya have left no opportunity to keep the lead couple away from each other.

Savitri has even organized Raghu and Maaya’s wedding to keep Dhanak away from him.

Now as per the latest story updates of Gathbhandhan serial, Dhanak will lock Maaya in the parlour and will sit in the wedding mandap with Raghu instead.

However, Maaya and Savitri will reach on time to stop Dhanak and Raghu’s wedding. Later, Dhanak’s family will stop Maaya and Savitri at gunpoint.

At the same time, Dhanak will handcuff Raghu and will run away with him as per the recent gossip news of Gatbhandhan serial.

Let’s see how Maayi stops Dhanak in the future story track of Gathbandhan serial episodes.

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