Gathbandhan latest twist: Savitri to kill Dhanak?

Gathbandhan latest twist: Savitri to kill Dhanak?

Gathbandhan TV serial future story:

The upcoming episodes of Gatbandhan serial portray a nail-biting twist where Savitri will try to throw Dhanak down from the cliff.

As per the ongoing story of Ghathbandhan serial, Savitri and Maaya are trying hard to ruin the love bonding of Raghu and Dhanak with their ugly plans.

According to the spoiler news of Gathbhandhan serial, Savitri will manage to convince Raghu to ditch Dhanak and marry Maaya.

The doting son, Raghu, will follow his mother’s instructions and will ask Dhanak to leave him forever.

Further, based on the gossips of Gatbandhan serial, Savitri will organize Raghu and Maaya’s wedding ceremony.

However, meanwhile, she will take Dhanak to a deserted place and will try to push her down the cliff. While doing so, Maayi will lose her balance and will begin to fall instead.

Luckily, Dhanak will save Savitri from falling down and will also take her to the hospital.

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