GHKKPM: Imlie Makes Savi Realize Her Feelings

GHKKPM: Imlie Makes Savi Realize Her Feelings

Imlie makes Savi realize her love.

Imlie is attending Ramleela play in Bhosle's Institute where Surya, Imlie, and Indira attend the function as chief guests.

Further, Reeva and Ishaan play Ram and Sita characters while Savi and Imlie bond well and Imlie feels Savi is in love.

After that, in Swayamvar scene Reeva forgets her lines so Savi voiceovers for her and puts the garland in Ishaan's neck being mesmerized by him.

Savi will realize her mistake of going on stage between the play and putting a garland in Ishaan's neck.

However, Imlie will make her understand that it is because she is in love with Ishaan.

Will Savi confess her feelings to Ishaan?

Will Ishaan accept Savi's love?

Nice to see Savi and Imlie bond.

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