GHKKPM: Sai plans to surprise Virat

GHKKPM: Sai plans to surprise Virat

GHKKPM Upcoming Story:

In the upcoming episode of the GHKKPM serial, Sai (Ayesha Singh) will plan to surprise Virat (Neil Bhatt) by cooking his favourite dishes while Pakhi (Aishwarya Sharma) will decide to do the same.

So far in the GHKPM story, the Chavan family grew irritated by Sai returning home and misbehaved with her while Virat stood up for her.

Further, in the last episodes of the GHKPM serial, Virat told Sai that he is incomplete without her and felt upset when Sai didn't say the same to him.

Now as per the GHKKPM serial gossips, Sai will decide to surprise Virat and will tell him that she will cook everything the next day.

However, Bhavani will advise Pakhi to cook Virat's favourite food the next day for him and reconcile with him.

Let's see who will cook for Virat the next day in the upcoming twists of GHKKPM serial.

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