GHKKPM: Upcoming Story Twist! Vinayak Experiences Sibling Rivalry!

GHKKPM: Upcoming Story Twist! Vinayak Experiences Sibling Rivalry!

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In the upcoming story of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Vinayak will experience sibling rivalry.

So far in the story of GHKKPM, Vinayak and Savi have become very close and consider themselves siblings. 

Vinayak and Savi worked hard to make Virat Savi's father so she can have a father too.

Later, Virat signs Savi's adoption paper after knowing he is her father. 

In the latest episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, Ashwini has organised a grand welcome for Savi in the house which Vinayak finds very interesting. 

However, he becomes sad knowing all these rituals were not observed when he became part of the family. 

As per the latest spoiler of the serial, Virat expresses his wish for Savi to join Vinayak's school. 

What will happen now? Will Vinayak start to compare himself with Savi at every turn and develop a sibling rivalry?

Let us continue to watch future story episodes of GHKKPM to find out how Vinayak begins to resent Savi at seeing Virat and his family's attention focused on her. 

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