Hamariwali Good News: Navya to sign divorce papers

Hamariwali Good News: Navya to sign divorce papers

Hamariwali Good News spoiler alert:

In the upcoming episodes of Hamariwali Good News serial, Adi (Raghav Tiwari) will tell Navya (Srishti Jain) to sign the divorce papers while Mukund and Renuka will argue over it.

Up until now in Hamariwali Good News, Navya has left the house will Adi has brought a girl named Akki who is claiming the house as hers while Renuka and Mukund are shocked to see their house in that condition.

Further, Renuka and Mukund brought back Navya to their house while she good them that she has sent divorce papers to Adi as she cannot see him with some other woman.

Now as per the serial gossips of Hamariwali Good News, Adi will tell Navya that he has signed the divorce papers and will tell her to sign the papers too in front of everyone and she will take the papers from him.

She will be about to sign the paper while Renuka will snatch it and will say that she will not let it happen but Mukund will argue with her according to the latest twists of  Hamariwali Good News.

Let's see what will Navya do next in the future story of Hamariwali Good News (हमारी वाली गुड न्यूज़).

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