Imli Gossip: Malini spikes Tripathi family's drinks

Imli Gossip: Malini spikes Tripathi family's drinks

Imli gossip:

In the upcoming Imlie serial episodes, Malini will make everyone scold Imlie and will further spike their drink making Imlie shocked.

So far in Imli story, Malini danced with Aditya on the stage while Imlie came there and took her spot and danced with Aditya making her feel embarrassed.

Further, Aditya tended to Imlie's wound and told Malini that they should finalize their divorce so that all the doubts and confusions are clear.

Now as per the upcoming twists of Imli, Malini will make it act like she has added something in the Prasad and Imlie will stop everyone from eating it saying that Malini has added poison in it.

Further, everyone will rebuke Imlie while Malini will reveal to Imlie in secret that she has actually spiked the juice and will show everyone inebriated, according to the spoilers of Imli.

Let's see if Imlie can expose Malini in the upcoming story of Imli serial.

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