Imli Gossip: Pranav enters Tripathi's house

Imli Gossip: Pranav enters Tripathi's house

Imli gossip:

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus’s Imli serial, Pranav will create a trouble for Imlie as he enters Tripathi's house for a mission.

Up until now in Imlie story, Harish praises Imlie for her efforts while making preparation for Durga Puja.

Further, Malini tries to do Durga Puja Aarti with Aditya but fails in her attempt. Rupali gets emotional seeing Pranav. Imlie humiliates him for leaving Rupali in a bad conditions.

Now as per the serial spoiler of Imli, Pranav will be talking to the MLA over the call and promise him to give the pendrive till night.

Meanwhile, Imlie will sense something fishy about Pranav and will keep a eye on him.

Let’s see if Imli will save Aditya's important footage from Pranav or not. 

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