Imli: Imlie to teach a lesson (Serial Gossip)

Imli: Imlie to teach a lesson (Serial Gossip)

Imli upcoming twist: Imlie to teach a lesson

In the new episode of Imli, Imlie will teach a lesson and make everyone understand the value of a woman in the house.

Up until now in Imli story, Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani) brings Imlie (Sumbul Touqueer Khan) home.

Further, Anu becomes suspicious of Aditya's changed behavior with Imlie and inflames Malini against Aditya.

Meanwhile, Mithi suspects Prakash that he is hiding something from her while she asks him about Imlie and her in-laws.

Now as per the latest news of Imli, Imlie will teach a lesson to Aditya's tau, Dhruv, and Nishant by asking them to do their work by themselves as Radha and Aparna are daily working for the betterment of the family and they all shall support them.

Later, Malini will get impressed by Imlie's wisdom according to the spoiler alert of Imli story.

Let’s see how long will Aditya hide his and Imlie's marriage truth from Malini in the future story of Imli (इमली).

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