Imli: Malini to get hope

Imli: Malini to get hope

Imli latest twist: Malini to get hope

In the upcoming episode of Imli, Malini (Mayuri Deshmukh) will get some hope to save her and Aditya's relationship.

Up until now in Imli story, Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani) tells Imlie (Sumbul Touqueer Khan) that they should tell the truth to Malini.

Further, Anu inflames Malini by saying that what must be Aditya doing for so long with Imlie and haven't reached home yet.

Rupi sings a song and everyone gets emotional listening to it.

Now as per the gossip update of Imli, Malini will get some hope for her and Aditya's relationship as her Dadi will suggest that they both should think about their future and plan for a baby.

Later, Satyakam will tell Mithi to tell the entire truth about Dev to Imlie according to the recent news of Imli story.

Let’s see if Aditya tells the truth to Malini about his and Imlie's marriage in the upcoming story of Imli (इमली).

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