Imli Serial: Aditya to meet Malini's grandmother

Imli Serial: Aditya to meet Malini's grandmother

Imli Latest News:

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus’s Imli serial, Aditya will meet Malini’s grandmother and will impress her in the first go.

Up until now in Imlie serial story, Imli caught Aditya’s Kaaka smoking a cigarette and taught him a lesson with the help of the entire Tripathi family.

Further, Adita shared his fear with Imli that he doesn’t want to break Malini’s heart.

Now as per the Imli serial gossip, Malini will call Aditya to come to her house to meet her grandmother.

Aditya will further impress Malini’s grandmother in the first meeting, while Anu will not be happy with her mother-in-law interfering in Malini’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Imli will make Tripathi family dance crazily according to the latest updates of Imlie serial.

Let’s see how will Aditya react to his family’s weird dance in the future story of Imli serial.

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