Imli Serial: Aditya to throw Imli out of the house

Imli Serial: Aditya to throw Imli out of the house

Imli spoiler:

In the upcoming episodes of Star plus’s Imli serial, Aditya will decide to throw Imli out of his house and will send her back to her village.

Up until now in Imlie, Imli caught Aditya’s Kaaka smoking a cigarette and she taught him a lesson with the help of other family members.

Further, Aditya was embarrassed in front of Malini’s family when they witnessed Aditya’s family dancing in out of senses.

Now based on the serial gossip of Imli, Aditya will get angry with Imli for being the reason for making him embarrass in front of his in-laws.

He will further decide to send Imli back to her village and will ask her to pack her bags right at that moment.

Meanwhile, Aditya’s family will try to convince Aditya to forgive Imli according to the latest update of Imlie serial.

Let’s see if Imli will be sent back to her village or not in the future story of Imli serial.

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