Imli Serial: Imlie to find herself in danger

Imli Serial: Imlie to find herself in danger

Imli spoiler:

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus’s Imli serial, Imli will find herself in danger when she will be looking for her father everywhere in the city.

Up until now in Imlie story, Imli made the Tripathi family to consume Bhaang on the occasion of Shiv Puja.

Further, Aditya felt embarrassed in front of Malini’s family when they saw the Tripathi’s dancing out of senses.

Now based on the serial gossip of Imli, Tripathi’s will take Imli along with them to Aditya and Malini’s engagement ceremony.

Meanwhile, Imli will realize that she is at the same place where her father resides in the city and will look for him everywhere in that locality.

Some goons will kidnap Imli by taking advantage of her being alone, while Imli will find herself in a grave danger according to the latest update of Imli serial.

Let’s see if Imli will be able to escape or not in the future story of Imli serial.

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