Imli SPOILER: Aditya to call Imlie a thief

Imli SPOILER: Aditya to call Imlie a thief

Imli future gossip:

In the forthcoming episodes of Imlie serial, Aditya will accuse Imlie of being a thief and making extra money from city people.

Up until now in Imli serial, Imlie got a certificate from the school and got a golden opportunity to study in the city.

However, her dream was shattered as her grandmother tore her scholarship certificate.

Now based on the spoiler news of Imli, Imlie and Aditya will again come face to face and Aditya will accuse her of making extra money from the city people.

Imlie will return his money and will ask him to keep the note safe. She will further add that the note will remind him that village people are not thieves as per the serial spoilers of Imli.

Let’s see how Imlie manages to change the mentality of people in the future story Imli serial.

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