Imli upcoming story: Aditya in the jail

Imli upcoming story: Aditya in the jail

Imli upcoming story: 

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus’s Imli serial, Aditya will get arrested by the cops in a drugs smuggling case.

Up until now in Imli's story, Pranav steals Pendrive that Imlie had hidden behind the Durga Maa idol.

Aparna confronts Imlie against Malini saying that it's not her mistake as she had genuinely called the cops for Aarti.

Meanwhile, Imlie senses that Pranav is trying to escape, so she plans a drama.

Imlie creates a scene and provokes Pranav against her. Both start fighting rigorously and end up in the jail where Aditya was kept.

Now as per the serial gossips of Imli, Pranav, Aditya, and Imlie will be together inside the jail.

Meanwhile, Imlie will tell Aditya, Pranav's truth in a code language, according to the spoilers of Imli.

Let’s see if Imlie and Aditya stop Pranav from escaping or not, in the upcoming twists of Imli.

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