Imli Upcoming Story: Imlie goes missing

Imli Upcoming Story: Imlie goes missing

Imli serial gossips:

In the forthcoming episodes of Imli serial, Imlie will be missing from the hospital while Malini will get worried upon not being able to find her.

Up until now in Imlie story, Malini gave Imlie the shawl that Aditya gifted her which made him upset and the two had a small argument over it.

Further, Imlie got a severe infection and need blood to which Malini decided to donate her blood to Imlie which made everyone happy except Aditya.

Now as per the spoiler alerts of Imli serial, Malini and Aditya will come to the hospital room where Imlie is sleeping and will be shocked to see the bed empty.

Malini will check the whole room but will not be able to find her which will make her worry. She will inform the Tripathi's about Imlie's disappearance and they all will look for Imlie according to the latest twists of Imlie serial.

Let's see if the Tripathi's can find Imlie in the future story of Imli.

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