Imli Upcoming Story: Malini gets caught redhanded

Imli Upcoming Story: Malini gets caught redhanded

Imli upcoming story:

In the future Imli serial episodes, Aditya will catch Malini red-handed giving the ninth idol to someone else and telling them to keep it.

Up until now in the Imli serial, Imlie and the family got tensed wondering where the ninth idol went while Malini hid the idol in her room without being noticed.

Later, Imlie managed to make an idol out of clay and is trying to dry it before the time of pooja while Aditya went to the market to look for another idol.

Now as per the serial spoilers of Imli, Malini will be giving the idol to a worker and his family saying that everyone should celebrate the festival with an idol and will also give them some money.

However, Malini we'll get shocked to see Aditya staying behind them and will notice him after the worker's family will have left, according to the gossips of Imli.

Let's see what will Imli do next in the upcoming twists of the Imli serial.

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