Imlie Gossip: Malini takes Imlie's place beside Aditya

Imlie Gossip: Malini takes Imlie's place beside Aditya

Imlie gossip:

In the upcoming Imlie serial episodes, Malini will make Imlie upset by sitting in her place in the car beside Aditya.

So far in Imlie story, Malini showed Anu feeding Imlie's handmade food to the dogs while Imlie got heartbroken finding out Malini's true intentions.

Further, Imlie tried to confront Malini but she made Imlie look bad in front of everyone.

Imlie tried to tell the truth to Aditya but he didn't believe it saying that he shouldn't be worried as he loves her only.

Now as per the upcoming story of Imli, Malini will purposefully sit in Imlie's place beside Aditya in the car while acting as apologizing to Imlie.

She will suggest getting out but Aditya will stop her saying that it's okay while Malini will smirk at Imlie according to spoilers of Imli.

Let's see if Imlie can reveal Malini's true intentions to Aditya in the upcoming twists of the Imlie serial.

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