Imlie: Is Imlie serial going off air? When will Imli show end?

Imlie: Is Imlie serial going off air? When will Imli show end?

Imlie When is it going off air? Imli ending date

In the upcoming story of Imlie serial, Manasvi Vashisht will exit from the Imlie serial as his character is leaving for Australia while the speculations of the show Imlie going off-air in the near future are also the talk of the town.

Earlier, Gashmeer Mahajani also quit the Imlie.

Up until now in the lmli story, Aditya (Manasvi Vashisht’s character) saved Aryan and Imlie from Seth Purandas.

Further, Aditya also revealed to his family that he is going to Australia as he has gotten a job there and might not return.

The family bid goodbye to Aditya while he gave Imlie last advice to confess to Aryan about her feelings.

Now, according to the new gossips of Imlie serial, it is confirmed that the serial is not going to end anytime soon and only the character of Aditya (played by Manasvi Vashisht) is leaving.

Also, in the future episode, Aryan will confess his love to Imlie at a party while Imlie will enjoy the indirect confession of Aryan.

So, Imlie serial is not ending and will continue to go on air for quite a while.

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