Imlie: Latest Gossip! Imlie is Flustered by Aryan’s invite!

Imlie: Latest Gossip! Imlie is Flustered by Aryan’s invite!

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In the upcoming story of the Imlie serial, Imlie will get flustered and excited by Aryan inviting her over for coffee.

So far in the Imlie serial, Jyoti has entered the Rathore with a hidden motive to snatch Aryan from Imlie unknown to anyone.

Now according to the spoilers of the Imlie serial, Aryan is getting more open with his feelings toward Imlie as a result of her encouraging words to not bottle up his feelings.

As per the twists of the Imlie serial, Imlie goes to the office for some work while Aryan calls her and indirectly tells her that he is missing his wife and invites her over for coffee.

Feeling astonished by the possible idea of a coffee date with Aryan, Imlie immediately agrees and leaves the office.

However, a surprise is waiting for Imlie which will turn her life upside down as planned by Jyoti.

Let us watch the future episodes of Imlie whether Aryan and Imlie enjoy their time together or Jyoti ruins it all.

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