Imlie: Latest Spoiler! Aryan challenges Imlie to find the truth

Imlie: Latest Spoiler! Aryan challenges Imlie to find the truth

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In the future story of the Imli serial, Aryan will try to stop Imlie from trying to find the truth and will challenge her to do it on her own.

So far in the lmli serial story, Imlie went to the Tripathi House with Aryan for the Pagphera Ceremony where Aditya tried to insult them and insulate doubt between Imlie and Aryan.

Now according to the gossips of Imlie serial, Imlie will try to find the list of the employees who worked at the factory during the fire incident in Arvind’s room while Aryan will destroy the list containing the information.

In the upcoming twists of Imli, Aryan will instead challenge Imlie to get the information of the employees by herself using her crazy tactics.

Imlie too accepts the challenge and vows to find the truth about Arvind's death so that she can get Aryan out of the trauma and prove Aditya innocent.

Earlier Aditya burnt the papers and now Aryan destroyed the Laptop. How will Imlie find the truth?

Let us see in the future episodes of Imlie what truth is hidden deep in the files that will change the equation between Aditya, Imlie and Aryan.

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