Imlie: New Gossip! Imlie Threatens to Call the Police!

Imlie: New Gossip! Imlie Threatens to Call the Police!

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In the upcoming story of the Imlie serial, Imlie will threaten to call the police if there is any giving or taking of Dowry done during Arpita-Sundar’s marriage.

Up until now in the lmlie story, Aryan surprised Imlie by inviting Mithi and helping reunite the mother-daughter.

Now according to the gossip of the Imlie serial, Nanda has agreed to get Sundar married to Arpita after seeing that the Rathores are very rich.

Meanwhile, Neela instigates Nanda to ask for Dowry which Narmada agrees to fulfill for Arpita’s happiness.

However, Mithi tries to stop Narmada from making a bad decision while Neela insults her and tries to slap her.

In the latest episodes, we will see Imlie stopping Neela’s hand mid-air and further threatening the police if even the talks about Dowry are done.

Let's see if Imlie can stop Neela’s smart tactics and get Sundar-Arpita married without many hurdles in the future episodes of Imlie.

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