Imlie: New Spoiler! Imlie takes on Jyoti with Keri!

Imlie: New Spoiler! Imlie takes on Jyoti with Keri!

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In the upcoming story of the Imlie serial, Imlie will plan to take on Jyoti with the help of her friend, Keri.

So far in the Imlie serial, Imlie is doubtful that the culprit is someone from the Rathore house and is planning to investigate.

According to the spoilers of the Imlie serial, Jyoti tries to manipulate Imlie to involve herself in her and Aryan’s life with the excuse of helping them.

Now as per the twists of the Imlie serial, Imlie refuses as she's doubtful of Jyoti’s intention and forms a plan for herself.

Further, Imlie takes the help of Keri to help her in the investigation and invites her to Rathore's house.

However, in reality, Keri is none other than Imlie in disguise.

In the future episodes, we will see Keri eavesdropping on the Rathore family mansion to get clues.

Let's see if Imlie’s plan works or not in the upcoming episodes of the Imlie serial.

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