Imlie: New Twist! Neela’s actions benefit Jyoti’s evil intentions!

Imlie: New Twist! Neela’s actions benefit Jyoti’s evil intentions!

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In the upcoming story of the Imlie serial, Neela’s actions to ruin Imlie will unintentionally help Jyoti in her hidden motives.

So far in the Imli serial, Jyoti tried to influence Aryan by saying that he and Imlie are polar opposites but failed as Aryan stated that he is happy with Imlie in his marital life.

Now according to the spoilers of the Imlie serial, Neela sneaks into Aryan’s room and puts the candle near the window curtain to light the room on fire with the intention to put the blame on Jyoti.

As per the twists of the Imlie serial, unaware of Jyoti’s real motives for entering Rathore's mansion, Neela is unintentionally helping Jyoti get rid of Imlie from Aryan’s life without even realizing it.

In the future episodes, we will see Aryan saving Imlie from the fire while Jyoti will burn in jealousy seeing them coming closer.

Let's see what new twisted games Neela and Jyoti play against Imlie in the upcoming episodes of the Imlie serial.

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