Imlie: Upcoming Story! Aryan drowns in his guilt!

Imlie: Upcoming Story! Aryan drowns in his guilt!

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In the upcoming story of the Imlie serial, Aryan will feel guilty for not believing in Imlie and will make himself suffer.

So far in the Imlie serial, Harry helped Imlie and Aryan get Jyoti arrested after which he turned himself in for doing wrong deeds ordered by Jyoti.

According to the spoilers of the Imlie serial, Aryan starts feeling guilty after learning that Imlie was right all along and that he was betrayed and influenced by Jyoti.

Now as per the twists of the Imlie serial, wallowing in his guilt, Aryan starts distancing himself from Imlie to punish himself for not believing in Imlie.

In the future episodes, we will see Imlie trying to patch up her relationship with Aryan while Malini will enter their life to take revenge.

Let's see how Imlie makes Aryan feel less guilty and supports her during her pregnancy in the upcoming episodes of the Imlie serial.

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