Imlie: Upcoming Twist! Arpita and Sundar beat Neela!

Imlie: Upcoming Twist! Arpita and Sundar beat Neela!

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In the upcoming story of the Imlie serial, Arpita and Sundar will physically beat Neela.

So far in the serial Imlie, Jyoti has put Imlie in the morgue room to die while Aryan is searching for her.

In the latest episode of Imlie, Arpita and Sundar are dressed as Imlie and Kairi when they see a shadow and panic thinking a thief has broken into the house. They get up and start smacking and beating the ‘thief’, who is covered up in a blanket.

As per the latest spoiler of the series, that is not an actual thief, it is just Neela covered up in a blanket.

According to the latest gossip, Neela starts shivering from the beating and says to Narmada and Gudiya that Kairi and Imlie hit her badly. She only covered herself because she was cold from the cooling of the A/C.

Let us continue to watch the future episodes of Imlie to know whether Neela finds out who beat her and whether Aryan is able to save Imlie or not.

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