Isha Anand Sharma Left Choti Sardarni serial?

Isha Anand Sharma Left Choti Sardarni serial?

The popular show of Colors Choti Sardarni fame Isha Anand Sharma has been romoured to quit the show.

Isha Anand Sharma has drawn a lot of limelight and audience attention in no time.

Along with engaging storyline and excellent characters, the show managed an outdoor shooting at an exotic location in Serbia.

Isha Anand Sharma, popularly known for her Splitsvilla and Kundali Bhagaya fame, was the latest addition in the story.

Her entry as Pam, during the honeymoon sequence of Sarbjeet (Avinesh Rekhi) and Meher (Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia), brought an interesting angle in the plot.

Everyone got shocked when the news floated that Isha has already called it quits.

As per sources, Isha left, after she felt unhappy with role characterisation.

As per her statement, Pam is unlike what was promised to her. She had negative shades, whereas, during shooting in Serbia, the character has been changed.

She is now told to woo Sarbjeet. Seeing the development, Isha decided to quit and return.

The creators have made no official confirmation.

Let’s wait and see what the future holds for Choti Sardaarni!!

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