Jhanak: Upcoming Story! Anirudh Defies His Parents

Jhanak: Upcoming Story! Anirudh Defies His Parents

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In the upcoming story of the Jhanak serial, Anirudh will support Jhanak, defying his parents' expectations.

The current story of Jhanak revolves around Anirudh motivates Jhanak to chase her dreams, emphasizing the value of hard work in achieving success.

Further, Anirudh accompanies Arshi for shopping while Jhanak captivates Chottan and Apun with her mesmerizing dance moves.

According to the latest spoilers of Jhanak, Anirudh's parents arrive home unexpectedly and catch Jhanak dancing, prompting her to abruptly stop upon noticing them.

Anirudh's mother dismisses Jhanak as their servant, denying her right to enjoyment.

However, Anirudh opposes this, refusing to accept Jhanak as a servant and vowing to support her dreams, even in front of his parents.

Let us watch the future episodes of Jhanak to see if Arshi feels insecure due to Anirudh's unwavering support for Jhanak's aspirations.

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