Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se (KKIS) Climax: Anubhav or Armaan! Who Will Gungun Choose?

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se (KKIS) Climax: Anubhav or Armaan! Who Will Gungun Choose?

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In the upcoming story of Kabhi Kabhi Iteefaq Sey, Gungun will be facing the challenging decision of choosing between the love of her life Anubhav and her best friend Armaan who made her an independent woman!

So far in the story of KKIS, Anubhav and Gungun’s relationship is hanging on its last thread as clashes between the couple are increasing day by day due to various reasons like Anubhav wanting a child, and Gungun’s office workload.

Meanwhile, the Kulshrestha family is fed up with Gungun acting as an ambitious and independent woman as their son is suffering the repercussions of an unsuccessful marriage.

At the same time, Charudatt has passed an ultimatum to Gungun to leave her job and never come face to face with Armaan.

As per the spoiler of the Kabhi Kabhie serial, Armaan's re-entry into Gungun’s life rejuvenates Anubhav’s jealousy.

Meanwhile, Gungun’s happiness shatters all barriers of sadness when Armaan comes back from the US but Gungun's heart shatters when Anubhav accuses Armaan of taking advantage of the rift between Gungun and Anubhav.

In the upcoming twist of KKIS, Armaan will put Gungun on a tough row to hoe by demanding to choose between living with Anubhav or going with him to the US for her brain surgery.

Let us see if Gungun will choose Anubhav’s love or if Gungun will choose her health and Armaan’s support in the future episodes of KKIS.

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