Katha Ankahee: HOT News! Katha and Viaan's One-Night Stand happens Again!

Katha Ankahee: HOT News! Katha and Viaan's One-Night Stand happens Again!

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In the upcoming story of Katha Ankahee, Katha and Viaan will spend their night together again after their tainted past.

The current track of Katha Ankahee revolves around Viaan and Katha getting stuck in the middle of nowhere after their car stops working.

Viaan asks his friend for help by asking permission to spend the night in his farmhouse.

According to the latest twists of Katha Ankahee, Katha and Viaan's night stay together at the farmhouse in the same room will revive many buried feelings in their hearts.

Katha and Viaan will act self-conscious after they get reminded of their One Night Stand together but it is not a good memory for either of them.

However, while spending the night together in a similar atmosphere, Katha and Viaan will see a new side of each other instead of the wild aura they experienced together in the past.

Katha will realize that Viaan can be a soft and caring person in the same situation contradicting his past self who paid her to spend the night with him.

A night filled with no toxic feelings, but rather conquered with feelings of guilt, care, kindness, and blooming love. Will this night succeed in replacing "that" night in Katha and Viaan's memory?

Let us see what changes come in Katha and Viaan after this night in the upcoming episodes of Katha Ankahee.

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