Katha Ankahee: New Twist! OMG, Tejji Accepts Vanya

Katha Ankahee: New Twist! OMG, Tejji Accepts Vanya

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In the upcoming story of Katha Ankahee, Tejji will accept Vanya wholeheartedly!

The current track of Katha Ankahi revolves around Tejji feeling guilty for ruining Viaan's marriage with Katha after she witnesses how Katha's love has brought Viaan back.

Tejji is going through a self-realization phase right now.

Now as per the latest spoiler of Katha AnkahEe, Vanya tells Tejji that very soon Viaan will wake up so Tejji should not cry so much.

Vanya's presence acts as a soothing cream for Tejji and she asks Vanya to sit beside her for emotional strength which even Vanya didn't expect.

According to the latest twist of Katha Ankahe, Tejji will also fall at Kailash's feet in order to get Katha back into Viaan's life again.

Let's watch the future episodes of Katha Ankahi to see how Tejji's welcoming Vanya into their family with open arms impacts Ehsan and Viaan.

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