Katha Ankahee: Upcoming Story! Kavita confides in Katha!

Katha Ankahee: Upcoming Story! Kavita confides in Katha!

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In the upcoming story of Katha Ankahee, Kavita will confide in Katha.

The current track of Katha Ankahi revolves around Katha feeling warm inside whenever she recalls her quarantine night with Viaan.

She then goes to Garewal house to give Kavita the gift that Aarav has bought for her.

Now as per the latest spoiler of Katha Ankahe, Kavita questions Katha about why she had to work so late last night.

Katha smilingly reveals that she and Viaan were quarantined due to virus.

She also states Mr. Raghuvanshi has taken a very good care of her.

Kavita smiles after hearing this and she softlu reminds Katha that she needs to go with her life flow.

She advises Katha to accept the current track of her life because these memories will stay when she willbe old.

According to the latest gossip of Katha Ankahe, Kavita makes Katha understand that one need a partner when she becomes old.

Let's keep watching the future episodes of Katha Ankahee to see if Katha accept Kavita’s advice or not.

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