Kavach 2 Latest Spoiler: Is Sandhya Pregnant?

Kavach 2 Latest Spoiler: Is Sandhya Pregnant?

Kavach Mahashivratri latest news:

In the upcoming story of Kavach 2 serial, Sandhya might be pregnant with a baby.

So far in Kavach 2 serial episodes, Sandhya has successfully saved Angad from Kapil with the help of Rudraksha necklace.

She has also protected the rest of the family using the same Rudraksha necklace.

Now according to latest gossip updates, Sandhya got sick and threw up which made Angad worried.

The Kawach 2 Maha Shivratri story twist will happen when a small handprint was also seen from inside Sandhya’s stomach revealing someone inside.

Kapil had already admitted his motives of getting Sandhya pregnant with his baby to get his revenge as per recent spoilers.

The question is if Kapil was successful in his motives while he was inside Angad or if it is Angad’s baby.

Let’s see how this baby affects the future story of Kavach Mahashivratri serial in the upcoming episodes.

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