Kavach 2 Latest Spoiler: Kapil's next target

Kavach 2 Latest Spoiler: Kapil's next target

Kavach Mahashivratri gossip & twist:

Kawach 2  is high on drama with Ashutosh’s death.

The current story of Kavach 2 is revolving around Angad being possessed by Kapil.

He attempts to murder Ashutosh in his office by burning him alive.

When he is not successful and Ashutosh is still conscious in the hospital, he with the help of evil spirit kills Ashutosh.

Now, according to the latest spoilers, Angad is planning on killing all 6 of his targets who were responsible for the death of his and his family.

Future Gossips also reveal that Angad is planning on getting Sandhya pregnant with his baby.

The main question here is who will be Kapil’s next target?

Let's wait and watch the upcoming story twists of Kavach 2 to know Kapil’s next step.

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