Kavach 2 Latest Spoiler: Sandhya’s twin sister

Kavach 2 Latest Spoiler: Sandhya’s twin sister

Kavach 2 serial gossip:

In the upcoming episode of Kavach 2 serial, sandhya will get shocked to know that Kapil's wife is her doppelganger.

In recent episodes of Kawach Mahashivraatri story, Sandhya is in the hospital after getting shot by Rishi in the party and the doctors save her.

Sandhya reads the holy book given by Aaji. The book has a story about Kapil and Kashthi, who are wandering souls and trying to take revenge.

Now according to latest spoiler updates of Kawach 2, Sandhya will ask Kashthi about her identity and will find out she looks exactly like herself.

Kashthi will tell her she is her twin sister and wants to take revenge as the latest twist.

The story twist will happen when Sandhya and Angad will also find out about the accident which led to Kapil and his family’s death, as per the latest gossip updates of Kavach.

Let’s see how Sandhya will deal with her sister and Kapil in the future episodes of Kawach 2 serial upcoming story.

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