Kavach Season 2 spoilers: Sandhya to get possessed

Kavach Season 2 spoilers: Sandhya to get possessed

Kawach Mahashivratri gossip updates:

The ardent viewers of Kavach 2 will enjoy a thrilling twist in the storyline where Sandhya will get possessed by the evil witch.

Until now in Season 2 of Kavach, Sandhya is facing the threat of the witch and her powers. She befriended Kapil who in reality is an evil spirit.

Amid all this chaos, Sandhya and Angad’s family members have come to Sandhya’s ancestral village for their wedding festivities.

According to the latest spoiler of Season 2 of Kawach, Sandhya will gear up for her wedding with Angad.

Unfortunately, she will come under the influence of the witch when the spirit will enter her body. Sandhya will start behaving weirdly.

Sandhya’s father will then decide to walk out of the village and complete the wedding rituals in Mumbai itself.

We wonder how Sandhya will save herself from the witch’s spell in the future story gossip of Kavach season 2 serial.




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