KKIS: CLIMAX! Gungun chooses Anubhav! Injustice to Armaan's Character!

KKIS: CLIMAX! Gungun chooses Anubhav! Injustice to Armaan's Character!

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In the climax of the story of Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Sey, after a leap of two years, Anubhav and Gungun will reunite while breaking Armaan’s heart again!

So far in the story of the Kabhie Kabhie serial, Armaan takes Gungun to America and supported her through the whole gruesome process of surgery to recovery. 

Meanwhile, the Kulshrestha family is living a life full of luxuries with Anubhav’s achievement as a renowned scientist but Anubhav is not happy as his love Gungun is not by his side.

As per the latest spoilers, Gungun has come back from America after two years and meets Anubhav in the orphanage and breaks the barrier of Anubhav’s sadness layer by layer.

Meanwhile, Armaan’s heart has longed for Gungun’s love but his fate plays a cruel joke on him every time by showing him a ray of hope and covering it with the cloud name Anubhav.

Armaan was the one who supported Gungun through thick and thin but Gungun’s heart only beats for Anubhav and poor Armaan gets friend-zoned every time which explains the injustice done to Armaan's character.

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