KKIS: Last Episode Twist! Anubhav Becomes A BILLIONAIRE!

KKIS: Last Episode Twist! Anubhav Becomes A BILLIONAIRE!

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In the upcoming story of Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Sey, Anubhav will become a billionaire after discovering affordable Micro-Robotics surgery!

So far in the story of the Kabhi Kabhie serial, Gungun leaves Anubhav and goes to America with Armaan for her brain surgery.

Meanwhile, Gungun’s betrayal leaves a sour taste in Anubhav’s mouth but his desire to cure her leads him to the path of success as a renowned scientist and wins an International award for his contribution.

As per the latest spoiler of KKIS, Anubhav is living a life of luxuries after earning a huge amount of royalty from his inventions and honorariums.

Meanwhile, he is a respectful and prominent figure in the world of scientists and is often called for guest lectures in universities.

After a leap of two years, Gungun and Anubhav meet where both are successful in their careers and praise each other for their success. They have a life of happily ever after.

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