KKIS: Upcoming Twist! Armaan and Gungun's LAST MEETING!

KKIS: Upcoming Twist! Armaan and Gungun's LAST MEETING!

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In the upcoming story of Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Sey, Armaan will leave Gungun for the USA with a heavy heart!

So far in the story of KKIS, owing to Gungun's clemency Akriti gets invited to the beanfeast of the Kulshreshtha's.

Meanwhile, Akriti continues her treacherous plan of apologizing to Kulshreshtha's family and tries to reinsert herself in families good books.

Later on, Armaan isn't able to endure the loving gaze of Gungun on Anubhav as he wanted his unrequited love to be requited by Gungun.

As per the spoiler of the Kabhi Kabhie serial, Armaan's heart jumps to the roof seeing Gungun each time and drowns in an ocean when his love is unreciprocated.

Armaan is happy for Gungun but he can not see her with Anubhav as a lover of hers.

In the upcoming twist of the serial, Gungun and Armaan will meet one last time in their office before Armaan leaves for the USA.

Let us see if Armaan's unrequited love for Gungun will always be unknown to Gungun or if Armaan will man up and confess his feelings to Gungun.

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