Kundali Bhagya: Anshuman Reveals Rajveer's Truth

Kundali Bhagya: Anshuman Reveals Rajveer's Truth

Anshuman reveals Rajveer's truth.

Nidhi brings food for Shaurya and instigates him against the family and Karan while Mahesh and Rakhi discuss how Karan never does partiality in the children.

This arises a debate between Mahesh, Rakhi, and Kareena after which she warns Nidhi about Preeta.

There, Karan takes care of Rajveer while Preeta asks him to take Shaurya out of the jail and says he is doing partiality which makes Karan angry.

Karan and Nidhi come to the police station to bail Shaurya where Shaurya talks rudely with Karan while Nidhi tries to bribe the inspector to bail out Shaurya.

On the other hand, Preeta comes to Anshuman's house and asks him to withdraw the complaint against Shaurya otherwise, she'll file a complaint against him for attacking Rajveer.

Meanwhile, Anshuman reveals that Rajveer works for him shocking Preeta.

Will Preeta get to know about Rajveer's revenge?

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